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Connected Buildings with a planned network infrastructure are essential for students conducting their studies and keeping in contact with friends and family who may be many hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

A great building can be let down by poor Internet provision.

All new or redeveloped student buildings need a considered plan to install a Wi-Fi and Ethernet network.

The number of routers, switches and Wi-Fi Access Points, their positioning in the property and the specification of these devices needs to be carefully considered. Furthermore, a location for the network patch panel and network access equipment needs to be allowed for. 

The objective is to achieve end-user satisfaction when the building comes into service and without adequate design it is unlikely this will be achieved.

It may sound dramatic, but the Internet is as vital to students as breathing. Many landlords have learnt that poor internet is a source of endless complaint. A student’s bedroom is their personal study hall and recreation room so the building needs sufficient infrastructure to enable a first-class broadband service to be delivered.

Student Internet will, based on architect’s drawings, review and design an Ethernet and Wi-Fi network 

and can write a requirement specification to sit alongside the electrical contractor’s scope of work.  We can supply and install the network terminations, switches, routers and Wi-Fi access points and then provide the Internet service and operate the network on behalf of the developer all for a fixed price.


Good Wi-Fi is just as important as router speed when it comes to PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone device performance.  Every router, regardless of price or specification, has a limited Wi-Fi range and finite ability to allow multiple devices to be connected to it simultaneously. 

Good Wi-Fi, therefore, requires that a signal that reaches every student bedroom and communal living area, and has network equipment with the capacity to service the number of predicted users. 

The Internet speed at the router is compromised as it travels away from the transmission device and further decreases when it has to travel through walls, doors, ceilings and floors.  No router can service the Wi-Fi needs of a large building over three or more floors and/or where the property is deep and the router is located in a sub-optimal position.

By specifying appropriate cabling and equipment, Student Internet work with Developers to ensure Wi-Fi reaches everywhere it is needed. 


It is desirable for every bedroom to have an Ethernet socket networked back to a collection point. Many students are gamers and they want Ethernet connections with the improved network connectivity that comes from a hard wired connection to the network equipment. Landlords will see that traditional PC’s used as game stations, XBox’s or even Smart TV’s are to be found in abundance in student bedrooms. Additional sockets are needed for Wi-Fi Access Points in corridors and living rooms along with Smart TV sockets in the living room.

The building may also have CCTV and Access Control which will have a networking requirement usually best served with a hard-wired Ethernet connection.

If you have a CCTV requirement and would like it integrated with the broadband network provided by Student Internet please talk to us as the design and supply of these systems is another area of expertise we have.

We provide circuits of every type of circuit commercially available. i.e.

  • Virgin Media Coax / Fibre
  • BT VDSL FTTC (Fibre)
  • WarwickNet FTTC
  • Fibre Optic Leased Lines

One of the above will be right for your development and there may be more than one option for you to consider.

For students living off-campus Student Internet offer a fully managed broadband solution to students, managing agents and landlords.

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